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covid safety PROTOCOLs

updated 15 March 2022 please read all the way



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Good day United Boxing Club Members,


United Boxing Club will be following specific protocols for the members, instructors, and coaches to follow so that we can make the environment clean and safe to exercise in. With these new procedures, we also still provide an amazing quality workout, very spacious area, and best technical boxing lessons in the city.


Before signing up for a class, please review our safety protocol. If you are interested in booking a class please click here.


Any questions please email 

  1.  Members must sign up and pay prior to class using the Mindbody App. No drop-ins will be accepted.

  2. Front desk staff will check members temperature on entry.

  3. Member shall remove shoes before entering gym and put clean shoes & personal equipment in “boxer bin” provided and bring the bin to their workout stations

  4. Member shall use hand sanitizer at “hard stop” before entering gym with boxer bin and use hand sanitizer often; after touching equipment & after taking off boxing gloves.

  5. Member must bring their own water. Refill bottle station is open, but drinking fountain is closed.

  6. Member must bring own towel & dry body often.

  7. Member must clean mats, gym equipment, seating area, and any areas that may have been touched before leaving class.

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