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United Boxing Club (UBC) is a not for profit community based boxing club located in the heart of Osborne Village.  We have a 2,200 sq. ft. full service facility, and offer a full size boxing ring, heavy bags, speed bags, skipping ropes, weights, gloves and other equipment supplied at no cost.

At UBC, we use the sport of boxing to promote athletic and leadership development.  We offer programing at all levels, for all individuals, from beginners to competitive fighters.  Whatever your goals may be, as they relate to athletic or personal development, we can help you get there.



(204) 453-6944

UBC operates on a “pay it forward” system, with members giving back to members and UBC giving back to the community.  UBC has raised thousands of dollars for various local charities in the community and we continue to engage with “Corporate Winnipeg” to teach the many benefits of boxing training and competition.

UBC was established in 2006 by Ryan Savage.  Ryan is a former 7 time national team boxer, with over 160 bouts including over 40 international bouts around the world.  Ryan competed in the World Championships, Francophone Games and Commonwealth Games, and joined the 2008 Olympic Team in Beijing, China, as a coach and sparring partner.  Ryan is currently Vice President of Boxing Canada and a partner at the law firm of Taylor McCaffrey LLP.

If you want to become a UBC Sponsor (link to Sponsor page), please contact Ryan Savage by phone at 204:988-0342, or by email: rsavage@


  1.  Ryan Savage – President and Founder

  2.  Phil Natividad – Competitive Team Manager

  3.  Brandt Butt – Head Coach

  4.  Gillian Reid-McLean  – Operations Manager

  5.  Susan Tinsley

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