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Whether you want to work out for fitness or work your way to becoming an Olympic caliber boxer, United Boxing Club wants to help you achieve your goals. We pride ourselves on our ability to teach at all levels ­– we have the knowledge to teach brand new athletes, as well as the technical expertise to teach those with competitive aspirations.

While we acknowledge the inherent dangers of sparring and competing, it’s been long known that boxing training provides many health benefits. With safe and proper coaching and facilities, boxing training can help develop physical, motor, tactical, technical, and mental skills. Boxing training helps improve strength, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, agility, and footwork - athletes from other sports have long used boxing training as a complement to their sport specific training. In addition to the physical benefits of boxing training, there are psychological and emotional benefits. Self-discipline, self-confidence, mental toughness in adverse situations, quick decision making, and analytical and tactical thinking are skills that are developed through boxing that can be applied to everyday life. Boxing is an individual sport, but being a member of a boxing club also helps cultivate teamwork and camaraderie.

Without a doubt, many of our club members swear to having a better overall sense of well-being after training with us. 

UNITED BELIEVES in a Multi-step approach to developing athletes

The Boxing Canada Long Term Athlete Development Program (LTAD) follows activity during the lifespan of an athlete leading from early childhood, to becoming a competitive athlete, during competition, and involvement after their competitive days. Our programming reflects the tenets of the LTAD.


starting out

We encourage you to come try our Youth Boxing class, a fun, no contact fundamentals class that helps develop physical literacy and fitness while introducing the basics of boxing to participants aged 8 to 15.

Join our Fundamentals class to start your boxing journey as your regular workout, or a complement to your other physical exercise. In this class, members work on fitness and conditioning, and you’ll be introduced to proper body mechanics to punch correctly, as well as simple offensive and defensive maneuvers.


Our Female Fighter class is a fundamentals class exclusively for women coached by women. It’s a great introduction to boxing as a regular workout for our female members.

Come check out United to begin your path to boxing, fitness and wellbeing!

Training to train

The next step is to join our Technical class.  Interested members are tested to ensure they have mastered the fundamentals required for this class.  Once approved to join, students learn advanced offensive and defensive maneuvers and are introduced to competitive scenarios. Training at this level is of higher intensity and requires greater conditioning. There may be light contact drills and technical sparring (no contact) during these sessions.



Technical class participants may move on to or participate simultaneously in Introduction to Sparring sessions where they may engage in sparring that is close to Open Sparring but lower intensity and under the supervision of coaches.  Members must register with Boxing Canada (including a physical examination) to participate in sparring.

Training to COmpete

After approval for advancement, students may be integrated into Competitive Team training and Open Sparring. At this point, if they are deemed ready by coaches, their name can be submitted for competition.


To maintain the safety of our members, any contact sparring at the gym must be under the strict supervision of coaches, ie no sparring without coaches present. Advancement through these programs is at the discretion and approval of competitive team coaches. Members must be registered with Boxing Canada (including a physical examination) to participate in these classes.


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