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CLASSES and Schedule

United Boxing Club offers training that allow participants to:

  1. Learn the sport of boxing

  2. Get in shape

  3. Have fun


Equipment Required: Indoor gym shoes (no outdoor shoes please), workout clothing and water.

Recommend: Hand wraps are recommended and sold at United Boxing Club.

Provided: Boxing gloves are available for use by all participants.
Head gear is available for sparring members of United Boxing Club.

Youth Class



(204) 453-6944

Youth Class

A structured boxing program targeted for youth ages 8-15 years of age that provides a great workout in a safe (non-contact), challenging and FUN environment. Emphasis is on physical literacy with a strong boxing component. No boxing experience necessary (Length of Training: 45 minutes).

Female Fighter

With the same focus on fundamentals and fitness as our Fundamentals class, the Hit Like a Girl (women’s only) will provide a more specialized training approach for United Boxing Club’s female members. No boxing experience necessary (Length of Training: 1 hour)


Boxing is a complex skill but yet simple design of a sport. Thus, the fundamentals is a great class for everyone. We begin with a specific punching technique to develop, then work on the technique with high intensity drills. The drills improve our ability of the technique and our cardiovascular system. We finish with a great core routine, and stretching. This is where we have everyone start! It challenges new people to understand the basics, but also challenges those who have boxed for a long time to improve their fundamentals. (Length 1.25 hour)


Technical Boxing Class 

This is a new addition to our program to improve those who like to understand the defence and counter punching skills that go into boxing. We focus on using the opponents mistakes, and creating offence off of our defense. We even practice drills that we call Technical Sparring, which can be contact or non contact. (If contact is wanted, medical and boxing registration is required). This is program is for intermediate to competitive participants, however you do not need to want to be a competitive athlete to participate. As long as you've had some experience in our fundamentals class and have gotten comfortable with the basics, you're welcome to join! (1 hour)

Competitive Team Training

Our gym originally came from very few athletes, but our athletes dominated. Our two top coaches, Ryan Savage and Brandt Butt, are both former national champions, and are amazing coaches that know all the techniques and strategies that it takes to win fights. With the guidance of our great coaching staff and the  competitive teammates, these practice times will help you get to improve your skills to prepare you for fights, as we believe our team works stronger together. Regardless of if you want just one fight for the experience, or you want to go after a national championship, we are their to support you to the end! (1.5 hours)

Integrated Team Training and Open Supervised Sparring

During the week we like to give both the Technical Members and Competitive Team Members a chance to improve their skills together. This practice is often guided through one of our competitive members, but it can also be used as a personal practice time and the athletes can work on the skills they want to improve on. 

During this time our competitive athletes have an opportunity to do open sparring and test their skills in the ring on what they've learnt, and help them prepare for fights up coming. However, those who have enough experience in our Technical Boxing class, can be permitted to join, and recreationally spar and test out the skills they have learnt. (Note: Medical and boxing registration is required). 


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